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Venus Italy srl produces steel light prefabricated pods for the following sectors : hotel, industrial, hospital, residential and private. It also offers refurbishment at nationally and internationally level.


The building sector, especially abroad, has now opened up to prefabricated constructions. Our product presents itself as an advantageous constructive solution, thanks to its solid but at the same time light structure. Our bathroom is therefore specifically designed to meet the challenges of the sector, allowing manufacturers to be less financially exposed thanks to certain and reduced construction times.


Our mission is to help companies to meet the needs of the end customer, to personalize and make the bathrooms functional, all with flexibility and competence and always with the utmost respect for the environment.


Venus Italy srl intends to maintain relations with all parties respecting the principles of a Code of Ethics. At the base of this document there is a long-term commitment, which joins and gives an ethical foundation to the company's strategy and economic development objectives. The purpose is to develop a socially responsible "management style", oriented to the involvement of all parties and careful to guarantee the full implementation of our founding values.

Our guiding principles can be summarized as follows:
  • correctness
  • equity and equality
  • transparency
  • honesty
  • diligence
  • impartiality
  • confidentiality
  • protection of the person
  • environmental protection
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Environmental protection is undoubtedly one of the fundamental points of our Code of Ethics.
For the realization of our bathrooms we use more and more components that respect the environment, also soliciting our suppliers to go in this direction with their offers. Therefore we already use many products without chemical solvents and not harmful to human health, as well as materials derived from waste recycling. However we are aware that the path in this direction is still long, but one of our bets for the future is to reach a “ green technology”, aware of the importance of safeguarding nature and our ever more fragile ecosystem.